Please be advised that if you would like to tender an offer to Us or tell Us about some promotion, please do so in writing and mail it to Our address, with postage prepaid.  We do not agree to consider, or respond to, any verbal offers made to Us.  We further do not agree to provide you with any response to any writing delivered to Us, however, feel free to contact Us to confirm receipt.

In most instances, if we are interested in a writing mailed to Us, Attorney Michael C. Rudolph will make contact with you in the ten (10) days following the date on which you deposited the writing in the mail for Our consideration.  In the event Attorney Michael C. Rudolph does not directly contact you within that ten (10) day period, such a non-response by him to your writing shall mean that any offer contained in it (or whatever else you would like Us to consider) has been considered by Us, declined, and that We are not interested in discussing the matter further – simply stated: “Thank you, but no thank you.”

Please also be advised that Attorney Michael C. Rudolph is the only person with authority to act on behalf of Rudolph Law Office, LLC.  If you would like to bind Us to an agreement with you, your employer, or another person or entity, the agreement must be in writing and signed by Attorney Michael C. Rudolph with his signature witnessed by a third person. Otherwise, there is no binding agreement with Us, and We have no obligation to you.

That being said, thank you for your interest in Our law office and in advance for your efforts to comply with the aforementioned.