You have certain rights, and Rudolph Law Office can help you understand and protect those rights.

Have you been accused of Operating While Intoxicated or something similar? We can help. Mike has managed these types of cases from both sides: first prosecuting these types of cases for the State of Indiana and now defending these types of cases for individuals.

If you are being prosecuted for this, one of the first things that you may face is exposure to a possible suspension of your driving privileges. At or before the first hearing for a case of this nature, Indiana trial courts routinely decide whether driving privileges should be immediately suspended or not. Because we are well aware of this risk exposure, when a person hires us before this driving privilege suspension decision is made in regard to their case, this is one of the first issues that we analyze. We look at whether an implied consent advisement was provided and if there is a chemical test result. We further look at whether the facts alleged support a judicial decision to move for immediate suspension of driving privileges and or whether our client is eligible for specialized driving privileges (e.g. work license), in hopes we can persuade the trial court to do something less than a full suspension for a period of time.

In addition to considering that risk exposure, other things must be considered during the management of a case of this nature, such as the quality of the State government’s evidence; the driving record of the accused person (e.g. whether the accused has exposure to a habitual traffic violator administrative adjudication if convicted); whether there is a statutory defense available or other defense; whether there is a substantial likelihood of a future jail sentence; et. cetera, et. cetera.

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